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2022-March 1st week Current Affairs (01-03-22 to 05-03-2022)

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Welcome to Twinkle Talks Current Affairs section. In this article, we have the 2022 March 1st-week current affairs list, read it, memorise it and share it with others. After reading the current affairs please participate in a small Mock test available in below.

Date: 01-03-2022 (Tuesday)

1. What is the Rank of India in International Intellectual Property Tax 2022? 

Ans. 46th Rank

2. Who will host the Senior National Chess Championship 2022? 

Ans. Kanpur

3. Recently, who has launched the National Polio Vaccination Campaign 2022? 

Ans. Mansukh Mandaviya. 

4. Recently, who has written a New Book named A Nation to Protect? 

Ans. Priyam Gandhi Modi 

5. Which country has hosted the First MAtch of the UEFA Champions League? 

Ans. France

6. Recently, IAF has withdrawn from the multilateral exercise Cobra Warriors held in which country?

Ans. United Kingdom (UK). 

7. Recently, which former bowler has been appointed by IPL Team Delhi Capitals as its Assistant Coach? 

Ans. Ajit Agarkar. 

8. Recently, Moody’s Analytics (Financial Services company) has estimated India’s GDP growth rate to be in FY22? 

Ans. 9.5% 

9. Where will India’s First E-Waste Eco Park be built?

Ans. Delhi 

10. Who has been elected the First Black Woman to Serve on US Supreme court? 

Ans. Ketan G Brown Jackson 

(2022 March 1st week current affairs)

Date: 02-03-2022 (Wednesday)

1. Who has recently won the title of the Dubai Tennis Championship? 

Ans. Andrew Rublev 

2. Who won the Qatar Oman Women’s Singles Title recently? 

Ans. Inga Switek.

3. Which association has suspended the President of Russia from President post? 

Ans. International Judo Ferderation 

4. Recently, who has become the First Woman Chairman of SEBI? 

Ans. Madhavi Puri Bachu 

5. Which country has been hit by Cyclone Imnati recently? 

Ans. Madagascar 

6. Who has recently won the title of Mexico Open 2022? 

Ans. Rafel Nadal. 

7. which is the second country to implement the T1 stock settlement? 

Ans. India is the 2nd country implementing the T1 stock settlement mechanism after china. 

8. Recently, the Union cabinet approved what percentage of foreign investment in LIC IPO? 

Ans. 20% 

9. Recently, which has become the First Multilateral Agency to open an office in Gift City? 

Ans. NDB 

10. Recently, Who has become the new chairman of Honda Cars India Ltd? 

Ans. Takuya Tsumura. 

Date: 03-03-2022 (Thursday) 

1. Recently, who has been appointed as the New Commissioner of Mumbai Police? 

Ans. Sanjay Pandey. 

2. Where has the Bank of Maharastra has launched a project Bank Sakhi? 

Ans. Odisha

3. Recently, who has won a silver medal in Para Archery World Championship? 

Ans. Pooja Jaatyan. 

4. Who has topped the Men’s ATP Ranking recently? 

Ans. Daniel Medvedev. 

5. Who will lead Twitter’s Public Policy team in India? 

Ans. Samiran Gupta.

6. Recently, In which state was the VIVA Carnival Festival celebrated? 

Ans. Goa

7. Recently, Google has announced the launch of the play Paas subscription service in which country? 

Ans. India

8. Which state government has recently announced Camel Protection and Development Policy? 

Ans. Rajasthan 

9. Which co-founder of Bharat Pay has recently resigned from his post? 

Ans. Ansheer Grover.

10. Who has become the New Chairman of NAAC recently? 

Ans. Bhushan Patvardhan.

Date: 04-03-2022 (Friday)

1.” Health star rating.” is an initiative of which organisation? 

Ans. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India) 

2. Who becomes New Worlds No.1 Tennis Player?

Ans. Daniel Medvedev

3. Who authored the Book Titled “Udaan Ek Majdoor Bacheki”? 

Ans. Mithilesh Tiwari

4. Which organisation authorises all prepaid instruments in India? 

Ans. RBI (Reserve Bank of India). 

5. What is the Rank of India in terms of the most number of Billionaire Population Globally in 2021? 

Ans. 3rd Rank. 

6. Who authored the Book Titled “Millennial Yogi“? 

Ans. Deepam Chatterjee. 

7. Which city launched India’s First Ambulance for street Animals? 

Ans. Chennai, Tamilnadu.

8. Which Indian city creates Guinness world record by Lightning 11.71 Lakh Diyas on Mahashivaratri? 

Ans. Ujjain

9. Recently, Who? Named as Vice-president of the International Lending Agency? 

Ans. Junaid Kamal Ahmad. 

Date: 05-03-2022 (Saturday)

1. Where will the Indian Air Force conduct Vayushakti Exercise?

Ans. Rajasthan 

2. Recently, who has become the New CEO of Yash Raj Films?

Ans. Akshay Widhani

3. who has recently become New Commanding in chief of Western Command Indian Force? 

Ans. Sreekumar Prabhakaran 

4. Recently, the World Bank has appointed its India chief as Vice President of MIGA? 

Ans. Junaid Kamal Ahmad 

5. Who has recently opened India’s First Smart Managed EV Charging station? 


6. What is the Rank of India in the recently released State’s of Indian Environment Report 2022?

Ans. 120th Rank

7. Recently, who has become the new MD/CEO of LIC Mutual Fund? 

Ans. TS Ramakrishnan

8. Which medals have Nikhat Zareen & Neetu won in the 73rd Strandja Memorial Boxing Tournament? 

Ans. Gold 

9. Which Legenderay spinner passed away on 04-03-2022? 

Ans. Shane Warne (Australian Cricketer) 

10. Recently, which state government has declared the entire state a disturbed area? 

Ans. Assam 

Thank you for reading the 2022 March 1st week current affairs

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