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Greetings to everyone, myself Prakash. K, welcome to www.twinkletalks.com. I am delighted to see you again in “Twinkle Talks.” I hope you all are safe in this corona pandemic situation. Today, my dear friends, I am going to discuss a new book (The world changers manifesto book) written by Mr. Robin Sharma, one of my favourite authors and motivators.

The World Changers Manifesto Book Details:

Please have a look at the book details.

The world changers manifesto book review
The World Changers Manifesto book
Book NameThe World Changers Manifesto
Author Mr. Robin Sharma 
Total Topics 39 topics 
The World Changers Manifesto book

The Six mindsets of Total Game Changers

I will explain the six mindsets of the total game-changers, one of the interesting topic in this book (The world changers manifesto book).

  1. TCM
  2. BIW
  3. OAD
  4. ABDOV
  5. ABD
  6. LBE

Let’s discuss the first one

1. TCM – Total Craft Mastery

    One question to the readers. Do you see your work as work? Because a job is only ever just a job if you’ve made an intellectual decision to see your job as just a job. An artist put their soul into the work while making a craft/art. There is no place for the distraction and negligence. Don’t see your work as just a job. See your work as your craft, whether you’re a manager or an entrepreneur or filmmaker. No matter what you do in the world, you’re spending the best hours of your daily work. Bring the maximum power from inside you and maintain rare air levels of confidence and an extremely high self-belief level.

    The World Changers Manifesto book

    Every task or work is a chance to get a response like wow. Your work is a chance for you to go to your limits. The sword crafter looked at the apprentice and said, “when I was a young boy, I made a decision. I wanted to be the greatest sword crafter in the history of the world. If something didn’t relate to sword crafting, if it didn’t smell like sword crafting, I didn’t participate in it.” That is the secret of my genius. Someone who is a master of their craft (like vlogging, blogging, gardening, etc.) will always be paid the most. If you haven’t reached mastery yet, start working towards it now. Because every master was once a beginner, every professional was once an amateur. My friend, today is a beautiful day to make the choices that will make you a game-changer.

    2. BIW- Best In the World

    “Being the best means not about the quantity. It’s all about the quality”.

    Some people give the best results depending on the priority given to work. For example, the work is about cleaning the board in the classroom, students will clean the board normally if there is the next period, but those students will clean the board very cleanly and neatly if there is a cultural program tomorrow. They also draw beautiful pictures with colorful chalk pieces.

    The World Changers Manifesto book

    Another example, if a P.T. Sir of a school told their students to clean the ground, every student feels like it is a punishment, not like an exercise, if the P.T. Sir announced there should be games up to the last period all the students start enjoying the task.

    The students’ interest in cleaning the board and playground will change according to the next moment going to happen.

    If you’re a student reading this, friends, change your tiny and cute mindset and clean your class board cleanly irrespective of the event.

    Whatever the work allotted to you by the superiors or by yourself gives the maximum excellent output. 

    If you are a student, be the best student in your class.

    If you are a chief, be the beat chief.

    If you are a sweeper, be the best sweeper.

    If you are a doctor, be the best doctor.

    Indian Actor Rajinikanth: “From the beginning of my carrier in the cinema industry, I have given the maximum effort/output to each and every character I perform. I have never shown discrimination to any character based on the Industry and importance of the role like a hero, villan, side character”. 

    Hold yourself to the highest standards.

    3. OAD – Obsessive Attention to Detail

    “A small unfitted screw is enough to collapse a machine, and a small matchstick is enough to fire a forest.” 

    The World Changers Manifesto book

    By doing any work we have to concentrate on each and every small thing, we must have an idea about it, never show any type of negligence on small things, the original dedication will Notice each and every detail of the work and do the best.

    4. ABDOV – Always be Delivering Outrageous Value.

    If you’re giving creativity, love, passion to the marketplace, giving to your friends, they will fall in love with you. The marketplace falls in love with you. Life falls in love with you.

    The World Changers Manifesto book

    Give your customer X10 the value they expect. 

    5. ABD – Always be Daring

    The seduction of safety is always more brutal and more dangerous than the illusion of discomfort.

    Long long ago, so long ago, no one knows how long ago there was a community called Manjarahallies living in grass fields. At that time, there was no technology, no modern techniques that we have, they started making innovations for transportation, firstly they made wooden wheels, and they enjoyed for a few days, and later they improved the product, and finally, we have Tubeless tyres now. 

    From the people of Manjarahallies to the present technology innovators we have currently are the Craft masters, they first start their experiment with the things that give fear. My friends just think if the Wright Brothers leave interest in making the aeroplanes after getting fear, we can’t imagine right. I am not telling you to go and do the experiments in a laboratory, and the real meaning is to do the innovations that make your life successful.

    So, “Go to the places that terrify you. Those are the places your growth lives.” 

    Photo by Lukas from Pexels

    The author says that “If you are not scared a lot, you’re not growing very much” if you’re not afraid to do a new task, congratulations, my friend, you’re ready to achieve success. 

    6. L. B. E – Lead by Example

    Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán from Pexels

    Be the change you want to see in the world and start to lead the people. Don’t be a person who always complains about the life they live, be a person who is thankful for what they have and work for what they want. Work smart and always be updated and help by being an example for the newcomers of an innovative family. 

    Your current life Right now is a mirror- it’s not reflecting reality; it’s reflecting your Psychology when you start to learn how game changer’s think, your whole life externally begins to shift automatically.

    Thankyou for reading the article (The World Changers Manifesto book | 6 mindsets of Total Game Changers) if you like this please share this good content.

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