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Hello everyone welcome to www.twinkletalks.com

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You will be known about Twinkle Talks in this About section.

www.twinkletalks.com providing the articles of various categories, you can read them for free and share the articles with others through the social media platforms with the help of social media icons.
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twinkletalks.com was started in 2019 and has been publishing the articles about different categories in their related pages, please have a look at them.



Writes and Stories




Movies and Series

Funny Topics

We discuss in detail below:


(Causal Talks about books)

We publish articles about books of different languages and written by different authors.

we explain the details and concept of that book in briefly.

To view the Book section please click here >>> Books

2. Music

In this page, we publish the articles related to music and songs.

we provide the lyrics of particular songs and their details and also publish the articles about the great music directors and singers.

You can listen to the songs and read the lyrics simultaneously.

To visit this Music page please click here >>>> Music

3.Writings and stories

(Casual talks about stories and writings)

In this page, we publish our own stories and poems on different situations and Emotions.

To view this page please click here >>> Writings and Stories

4. General

In this page, we publish the articles about Health, financial, and technology-related topics.

To view this page please click here >>> General

4(a). Financial Topics

4(b). Health Topics

5. Education:

In this section, we will post the articles related to Education. Mainly about Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc.,

We Hope readers will gain the knowledge after reading and Practicing the Tips and Shortcuts.

To View this page please click here >>> Education

6. Movies and web-series

In this page, we publish the articles about the Movies and web series of different languages in the world and we suggest them to watch.
We provide the details of a particular movie or web series in brief.

To view this page please click here >>> Movies.

7. Funny topics

(Casual talks about funny topics)

You can read the articles about Comedy reactions and funny situations of different moments, you will enjoy while reading.

To view this page please click here >>> Funny Topics

Most of the articles are available in two languages (Telugu and English) you will choose the language which you like by clicking the link provided at the last of the article

That link looks like
“Read this article in the English Language (or) Read this article in the Telugu Language”.

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