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Introduction to Tally | Accounting Software |

This Article was published in www.twinkletalks.com, Written by Nani Nestham. In this article we are going to learn Introduction or basics of Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software.

Hello Everyone welcomes to Twinkle Talks, First of all, Special Thanks to My Tally Sir Mr.Varla Bhose Garu, who teach me the Tally and thank you sir for your support.

 Content in this article is as follows:

  • What is a Tally?
  • Story and Founder of Tally.
  • Available Versions
  • Types of entries
  • Process (or) Steps Include in Tally. 
  • Job opportunities for Tally.                    
Introduction to Tally
Introduction to Tally | Accounting Software

What Is a Tally?

A tally is an Accounting Software where we can do entries of different types of transactions of a business and stored in a digital form and finally executes the final reports.   

ERP 9 is the Present Version of Tally software, where ERP stands for Enterprise Resources Planning. 

Story Of Tally 

An Indian Businessperson Mr.Shyam Sundhar Gonekha Garu Established a Company Called “Peutronics Private Limited” in India. This company business was producing Textile Machinery.  In the year 1986 Peutronics Private Limited Company Introduced a New Accounting software called as “Peutronics Financial Accounting Software”.  

Mr.Bharath Goenka, son of Shyam Sundhar Goenka Developed the accounting software business as Tally Solutions Private Limited.  Tally Accounting software, was Introduced by Taly solutions Pvt Ltd In the Year 1998, 1st April ( Indian financial year starts every year from the 1st April) and later it upgraded to ERP version.

Tally Available In Versions

Tally ERP 9 was available in two versions there are 

  • Licensed Version
  • Educational Version.

Licensed Version:

To get the Licenced Version of Tally ERP9, we have to pay Money, If you wanna, use this software for a business purpose must and should we have to get the licensed version. Because so many features are available when compared to the educational version.

Educational Version:  

It is mainly useful for the people/students who are learning this Tally


It is easy to download. 

It is easy to operate without using a mouse.

We can enter the transactions of Multi-Currency.

So many countries are using this software.


We can only enter the 1st, 2nd and 31st dates of Transactions.

We can’t enable a few features. 

Countries Using Tally ERP 9

Here we have the list of the countries Where the Tally Software was Using.

ComorosKingdom of Bahrain
Hong KongLibya
UK Qatar
USSaudi Arabia
YemenSierra Leone
MoroccoSri Lanka
Introduction to Tally | Accounting Software

Process (or) Steps In Tally

Step 1: Creating A Company

Step 2: Creating the Ledgers and assigning them to their related groups.

Step 3: Voucher Entries (or) Posting.

Step 4: At last, Checking the Day Book (or) Checking either we get profit or loss on that day. 

Types of Entries in Tally 

We can Enter the Transaction details in a voucher so, we have to use different types of voucher’s to enter the different types of Transactions. 

In Tally ERP 9 Vouchers can be divided into four groups, there are

  1. Accounting Vouchers
  2. Inventory vouchers
  3. Order vouchers
  4. Payroll vouchers.

In the Accounting Voucher Group, there are Five types of Vouchers 

  • Payment Voucher (F5)
  • Receipt Voucher (F6)
  • Journal Voucher (F7)
  • Sales Voucher (F8)
  • Purchase Voucher (F9).

In the Inventory Voucher Group, there are six types of vouchers.

  • Rejection IN voucher (Ctrl + F6)
  • Rejection out voucher (Alt + f6)
  • Materials In Voucher ( Ctrl + W)
  • Materials Out Voucher (Ctrl + J)
  • Delivery Note Voucher ( Alt + F8)
  • receipt Note Voucher ( Alt + F9).

In the Order Voucher Group, there are Four Types of Vouchers.

  • Purchase Order Voucher (Alt + F4)
  • Sales Order Voucher ( Alt + F5)
  • Job work In Order Voucher (Alt + w)
  • Job work Out order voucher (Alt + J).

In the Payroll Voucher group, there are two types of vouchers.

  • Attendance Voucher
  • Payroll Voucher.


In India, Qualification to do the job as a Tally Operator is we must Complete the Intermediate (10+2) in any group. But to get higher profile accountancy jobs, we must complete our Degree.


A person who completed the Tally course they are eligible for

  • Account Executive.
  • Accountant, at small and middle scale Industries/offices.
  • Accountant at Large scale industries (based on your experience).
  • Also capable, to do work as an assistant under a Charted Accountant.

Note: How much you get the experience that much you can demand the salary. 

Visit Tally Solutions Official Website here >>>>> tallysolutions.com

Thank You For Reading the Introduction or basics of Tally ERP 9 Accounting Software

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