Company Creation In Tally ERP 9

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In this article, we are going to discuss complete details of Company Creation in Tally ERP 9.

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1. What is a Company in Tally ERP 9? 

2. How many ways to create?

3. How to create a Company (company creation) In Tally ERP 9? 

4. How to Alter a Company?

5. How to Delete?

 1. What is a Company in Tally? 

Company in Tally is like a Journal Book where we can enter and store the Transaction of a particular firm or an Industry. In this company, There is no need to enter the Transactions in a Chronological Order

  • We need to maintain only one Main Company in Tally when we are working in a firm or an Industry.
  • But we have a choice to create one or more Companies while we are learning/practising the Tally Erp 9 for the understanding purpose. 

2. Methods to Create a Company in Tally.

There are two methods to create a Company in Tally those are as follows: (Company Creation in Tally erp 9).

  1. Company without Password
  2. A company with a Password.
  3. A company with Login Name and Password.

These three methods are so simple so let’s start.

Company Without Password

Step1: Opening the Tally Software

When we open the Tally in our Personal Computer or a Laptop we will get the screen like this

and within seconds we will get the screen like below and select the Work in Educational Mode or Simply press the shortcut Alt + W.

After pressing Alt + W A Screen Divided by a vertical line in the middle and having the two sections like “Company Info (Alt + F3)” on the right side and “List of Selected companies” on the left side see the picture below.

There is an empty list under the List of Selected companies because we didn’t create any company before so for creating a company select “Create Company” on Company Info or press Letter c it will open the Screen as shown in below picture and we need to fill the All the details to create a company.

Step 2: Filling The Details

In step 2 we have to give the details to six sections , In the Company creation Screen, there are six sections like 


  Primary Mailing Details

  Contact Details

  Books and Financial Year Details

  Security Control

  Base Currency Information

In these six sections, we have to ignore the Security control section because we are creating the company without putting a password.

Section 1: Name

In this section first, there is a Directory It will show the path of our tally work is going to save like C:\users\public\Tally.ERP9\Data

Second, there is a Name where We need to Type the Company Name which we want to Create (ex; Apraja Industries) at that place.

Section 2: Primary Mailing Details

Caution: Please Enter the Details of the office/ industry where your working and don’t give the details of yours by mistake.

We need to give the details like Mailing name ( in that name you can send the reports through the email to Others)

Ex:- Mailing Name:Apraja Industries

        Address: 76-100-2Q/8

                         Hanuman Kata

                         Bellary Road, Kurnool

       Country: After completing the Above details automatically the list of countries appeared on the right side of the screen and select the Country where your working office/industry is located. 

Tip: We can also select the country name by typing the first three letters in your country spelling.

Sate and Pin code:  Enter the State Name and Pin code of the office/industry were located and press enter.

                                Section 3: Contact Details

In this section, we have to enter the Companies Mobile Number, Fax Number, Email, Website( If they Have).

               Section 4: Books and Financial Details

This is the most important section we have to enter the details carefully. Financial Year was different for one country to another country so please provide the correct financial year and Enter the date of from when your Book (Transaction starts) in the Financial Year (Mentioned above) and press enter.

Section 5: Security Control 

Note : Ignore This Section

Note: Ignore this section at “Tally Vault Password” by just pressing the enter button until we enter into the Base currencies Information section because we are creating a company without putting a password.

Section 6:  Base Currency Information

At this section, the currency symbol will automatically be shown based on the country name which we give at the Primary Mailing details and choose the options which you like to mention in vouchers while entering the transactions (Suffix symbol, space between amount and symbol, no.of. decimal places and a word representing the amount after decimal like Paise, Cents).

Check the details once again and press the enter button. A small dialogue box will open it will ask you to Accept all the details which we have given above to accept press Enter button or Y letter button. 

That’s it we created a company without putting a password. 

Company Creation with Password  

The Process From Step 1 – Opening the Tally software and Step 2- Filling the details as we done above are the same.

But In Step 2, at the Section 5 we have to enter the details to security control.

Section 5: Security Control 

Type the Password at “Use Tally Vault Password” which you want to put to the Company and Re-enter the password (Example:12345678910) and press Enter, ignore the option “Use security control” and create the company by pressing Y or Enter.

After Pressing the Enter button it will ask the password on the screen so enter the password. 

That’s it we successfully created a company with a password. 

Creating Company With Login Name and Password 

If you want to set a login ID ( Name of the Administrator) and passwords like Facebook, Gmail, and Instagram it is very simple. You Can Create them

  • While Creating a New Company 

Type as Yes at “Use security control” and give the Name as you like (example: Nani Nestham) at ” Name of the Administrator “ and enter and Re-enter the password (example: 0987654321) and save. 

  • For Already Created Company 

If you want to put the Login ID and Password for a company which is already created, press ALt + F3 for Alter and Press Select or Letter S to choose the company which you want to put the Login ID and password. After selecting the company, a Company Creation screen will appear and Type as Yes at “Use security control” and give the Name at ” Name of the Administrator “ and enter and Re-enter the password and save. 

Points To Remember:

  • Vault password and password for Name of Administrator (Login Name) are different we can put the different password to each other.
  • We can Put both Tally Vault password and Security with Administration Name for a company at a time.  

How To Alter/Edit Company Info

  • First Press Alt + F3 and choose the option Alter
  • Then press select, companies list will appear so please select the company which you want to edit the Info. 
  • After making changes then save it.

How to Delete the Company

  • First Press Alt + F3 
  • Select the option “Alter”
  • Choose the company which you want to delete.
  • Press the key Alt + D it will ask you 2 times for the confirmation and press the enter button (or) Y button, So the selected company will be deleted successfully.

Thank you for reading the this article regarding Company Creation in Tally erp 9

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