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37 Most valuable Lessons

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Hello everyone welcomes to Twinkle Talks. In the spirit of service and encouraging you to operate at your best, I wanted to share 37 most valuable lessons which are suggested by Mr. Robin Sharma the famous author and philosopher learned from his personal and professional life.

1.Don’t follow the heard.

2. Work Hard then enjoy life.

3. Develop wonderful friendships.

4. Be honest.

5. Listen intently

6. Shine alight on people’s gifts.

7. See rest as a productive tol.

8. Treat everyone with respect.

9. Get better with age.

10. Give your customers stunning goods.

11. Spend a lot of time alone.

12. Read for two hour’s a day.

13. Move your body daily.

14. Fast regularly.

15. Lead without waiting to be asked to lead.

16. Don’t coast.

17. Sunbathe.

18. Don’t listen to critics.

19. Get up early.

20. Exploit hardship for your growth.

21. Be loyal.

22. Don’t spend too much time online.

23. Take a lot of pictures.

24. write in a journal each morning.

25. Be the most generous person you know.

26. Remember everyone alive will be dead.

27. Listen to a lot great music.

28. Don’t confuse busy with productive.

29. Don’t confuse living with progress.

30. Go all in for love.

31. Dress the way that makes you happy.

32. Do work that promotes joy.

33. Don’t compare.

34. Celebrate your tiny triumphs.

35. Protect your good name.

36. Be gentle with Mother Earth.

37. Be a good human.

Thank you for reading the 37 most valuable lessons. If you feel this topic is worth then please share to others and also have a look on works by Mr.Robin Sharma in below.

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