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Hello readers, greetings for the day! once again welcome to Twinkle Talks. In this article, we are discussing THE 5 C’s OF SUCCESS. 

Written by Nani Nestham and published on www.twinkletalks.com 


  1. Confidence
  2. Concentration
  3. Commitment
  4. Consistency
  5. Capacity to enjoy


It is the main tool that every entrepreneur must have. Not only a business person or an entrepreneur, but every human being must have this emotional weapon called Confidence. 

My dear reader’s our life is like a roller coaster ride sometimes you will be in a top position and sometimes you will be in a low position but here the position of your career or journey is not important but how much confidence you have in every phase of your life is the most important one.   

Some people might think that they can only have the capability to complete the task or work assigned by themselves or by their superiors. If you feel like “I can do” it is confidence, instead of that if you feel like ”I can only do” it seems like overconfidence. Yes, my dear readers, there is a great difference between “I can do” and “I can only do”.  So please have the confidence in your life.


Life is not the same for all, everyone has their lifestyle and methodology. Some people have to put their extra efforts to get what they want and someone doesn’t require to put extra effort to get their daily needs. In order to achieve something in your life/career you must put your concentration on your task or work, then only it is possible to achieve anything. 

But in practice, we can’t see the CONCENTRATION as a single emotional unit, it is always having deep roots in the DESIRE. Yes, my dear readers, the amount of concentration you have is equal to the quantity of desire you have for the target. 

                               DESIRE = CONCENTRATION 


The people who are on the journey to success, should be encouraged to know that this changed world in which we live is demanding new ideas, new ways of doing things, new ladders, new inventions, new methods of marketing and so on. Back of all this demand for new and better things, there is one quality which one must possess to win and that is Commitment to the work

  • Try to finish your commitments in time.
  • Never commit for an easy life, try to be a stronger person.
  • Never choose projects which are equal to your powers, raise your powers equal to your projects. 

The practical dreamers who can and will put their dreams into action. The practical dreamers have always been and always will be the pattern-makers of technical civilization because of their commitment to their practical ideology.     


As all of you know “Consistency is the key to success”. 

One day the famous Picasso had a meet with a beautiful girl in the park and as per girl request Picasso drew her picture in five minutes. She wondered after looking at that picture and asked for a suggestion like “How to draw any picture we want within five minutes”. Picasso replied with a laugh, I learned the skill to draw any picture in a short time by practicing the art for the past 20 years and I got to experience it after doing a constant repetition of practicing the work.   

  • Be patient and have consistency – Good things will take time.
  • Overnight success is not real.
  • A successful person had gone through a lot of sleepless nights to get overnight success.     

Capacity to enjoy: 

People must have the capacity to enjoy the result. Always remember you must develop the behaviour of accepting the Profits and Losses in the same manner. Yes, it seems to be uncomfortable to listen but it is the correct way to accept all kinds of results. 

  • You must have the capacity to handle success in a good manner.
  • You must have the capacity to enjoy your failures also.   
  • Don’t expect the results always be in a currency format. 

You have to enjoy the journey and path when things get to be more challenging because the best things in life are the result of being wounded.

  • The earth must be broken with a sharp plough before being ready to receive the seed.
  • Wheat must be crushed before becoming the bread. 
  • Incense must be burned by fire before its fragrance is set free. 

Develop the capacity to enjoy and handle all kind of results and try to make a move with a positive attitude.

Finishing Lines: 

Thank you for reading The 5 c’s of success. By following the 5 C’s literally and continuously, you can gain control over the journey to success. I am looking forward to get your valuable comments and suggestions.

Thank You for all. 

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