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Small Mock Test – 2022 March First Week Current Affairs

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Welcome to Mock Test regarding “2022 March First week Current Affairs”. Before participating in the Mock Test please read March First week Current Affairs by click this link >>> 2022 March First week Current Affairs. If your okay then start the Test.

Time Limit : 3 Minutes ( If user didn’t submit the answers within 3 Minutes the Software automatically close the Test after the 3 minutes).

Note: If your using mobile, please kept your screen in “Desktop Site” mode. Then only user able to see the Timer at Right side bottom screen.

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What is the Rank of India in International Intellectual property Tax 2022?

What is the Rank of India in Terms of the most number of Billionaire Population Globally in 2021?

What is the Rank of India in the recently released State of Indian Environment Report 2022?

Recently, Who has written a New Book named "A Nation to Protect"?

Who authored the Book Titled "Millennial Yogi"?

How much ? Recently, Moody's Analytics (Financial Services Company) has estimated India's GDP growth rate to be in FY22?

Who won the Qatar Oman Women's singles 2022 Title ?

Who won the Men's Singles Title of Mexico open 2022?

Who won the "2022 Archery Para Championship" in Dubai ?

Which medals have Nikhat Zareen & Neetu won in the 73rd Strandja Memorial Boxing Tournament 2022? held in Sofia, Bulgaria?

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