Important and Special Days in the August Month.

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THis article was written by Nani Nestham and published on TwinkleTalks. In this article we are discuss the Important Dates in August.

Everyone knows august is the eighth month of the year. For someone, it is a very special things it is a very special month for me and my family because of the birthdays of my father and me.

Important Dates in August:

DateDay / Person 
01-08-21Friendship Day
01-08-21World wide web Day
01-08-21World lung cancer day
01-08-21Sister’s day
01-08-21Planners Day
01-08-21International Child free day
02-08-21Pingali Venkayya
Birthday Anniversary 
02-08-21Devi Sri Prasad Birthday
02-08-21Ice Cream Sand Wich Day
03-08-21Watermelon Day
03-08-21Clean Your Floor Day
03-08-21White Wine Day
03-08-21Night Out
03-08-21Cloves Syndrom Awarness Day
04-08-21Barak Obama’s Birthday
04-08-21Coast Guard Day
04-08-21Single Working Women’s Day
04-08-21International Clouded Day
04-08-21Assistance Dog Day
05-08-21Neil Armstrong
05-08-21Kajol Birthday
05-08-21Jeniliya Birthday
05-08-21Blogger Day
05-08-21Work like a Dog Day
05-08-21Under Wear Day
05-08-21Indian Pale Ale Day
05-08-21Oyster Day
06-08-21International Sailor Monn Day
06-08-21Farm Worker Appreciation Day
06-08-21International Beer Day
06-08-21Cycle to Work Day
06-08-21Ballons To Heaven Day
07-08-21Fresh Breath Day
07-08-21Light House Day
07-08-21PROFESSIONAL Speakers Day
07-08-21Mustard Day
07-08-21Disc Golf Day
07-08-21Aged Care Employee Day
07-08-21Sand Castle Day
07-08-21Mead Day
08-08-21Rodger Federer Birthday
08-08-21Internatioanl Cat Day
08-08-21Happiness Happens Day
08-08-21Odie Day
08-08-21Bvowling Day
08-08-21Top 8 Challenge Day 
09-08-21Maheshbabu Birthday
09-08-21Hansika Motwani Birthday
09-08-21Book Lover’s Day
09-08-21Melon Day
09-08-21Rice Pudding Day
10-08-21Vlogging Day
10-08-21world Lion Day
10-08-21Lazy Day
10-08-21Afternoon Tea Week
11-08-21Play in the Sand Day
11-08-21World Calligraphy Day
11-08-21Son and Daughter Day
11-08-21Afternoon Tea Week
11-08-21Jacqueline Fernandez
12-08-21Peter Hein Birthday
12-08-21Gibran Birthday
12-08-21International Youth Day
12-08-21World Elephant
12-08-21Afternoon Tea Week
13-08-21Sridevi Birthday Anniversary
13-08-21Shoyab Akthar Birthday
13-08-21Left Hander’s Day
13-08-21Organ Donation Day
13-08-21Blame Someone Else Today
13-08-21Afternoon Tea Week
14-08-21Tatoo Removal Day
14-08-21Social Security Day
14-08-21Garage sale Day
14-08-21Cream sicle day
14-08-21Pakistan Independence Day
15-08-21Independence Day of India
15-08-21Napoleaon Bonaporte
Birthday Anniversary
15-08-21Srihari Birthday Anniversary
15-08-21Arjun Birthday
15-08-21Relaxation Day
15-08-21Check the chip day
15-08-21Afternoon Tea Week
16-08-21Atal Vihar Vajepay Birthday
16-08-21James cameron Birthday
16-08-21Roller Coaster Day
16-08-21Surveillance Day
16-08-21Tell A joke
16-08-21World Brat Wurst Day
16-08-21Airborne Day
17-08-21Director Shankar Birthday
17-08-21Vannila Custurd Day
17-08-21Black Cat Appreciation Day
17-08-21Thrift Shop Day
18-08-21Apporvaragangal Release Day 
18-08-21Never giveup Day
18-08-21Bad Poetry Day
18-08-21Mail Order Catalog Day
18-08-21Serendpity Day
19-08-21World Photography Day
19-08-21International Orangutan Day
19-08-21National Honey Bee Day
19-08-21International Bow Day
19-08-21Aviation day
19-08-21Potato Day
19-08-21Humanitarian Day
20-08-21World Mosquito Day
20-08-21Men’s Grooming Day
20-08-21International Day of Medical
21-08-21Radhika Sharthkumar Birthday
21-08-21Poet’s Day
21-08-21World Honey Bee Day
21-08-21Homeless Animals Day
21-08-21Senior Citizens Day
21-08-21Geocaching Day
21-08-21Break the Monotony Day
22-08-21Meghastar Chiranjeevi Birthday
22-08-21Be an angle Day
22-08-21Take your cat to the vet day
22-08-21Pecan Torte Day
23-08-21Tanguturi Prakasham Panthulu
Birthday Anniversary
23-08-21Ride the wind day
23-08-21Valentino Day
24-08-21Ramajogayya Satri Birthday
24-08-21Knife Day
24-08-21International Strange Music Day
24-08-21Pluto Demoted Day
24-08-21Internaut Day
25-08-21Banana Split Day
25-08-21Kiss and make up day
25-08-21Whiskey Sour Day
26-08-21Mother Terisa’s
Birthday Anniversary
26-08-21Dog Day
26-08-21Burger Day
26-08-21Web mistress Day
26-08-21Women’s Equality Day
27-08-21Banana Lover’s Day
27-08-21Petroleum Day
27-08-21Tug-of-war Day
27-08-21International Bat Night
28-08-21Crakers over the Keyboard Day
28-08-21Radio Commercials Day
28-08-21Race Your Mouse around
the Icons Day
28-08-21Bow tie Day
28-08-21Franchise Appreciation Day
29-08-21National Language Day of Telugu 
29-08-21National Sports Day
29-08-21Akkineni Nagarjuna’s Birthday
29-08-21Vishal Birthday
29-08-21Michel Jackson Birthday Anniversary
29-08-21Individuals Right Day
29-08-21Lemon Juice Day
30-08-21International Whale Shark Day
30-08-21Slinky Day
30-08-21Greif Awarness Day
30-08-21Holistic Pet Day
31-08-21Overdose Awarness Day
31-08-21We love Memories Day
31-08-21Love litigating Lawyer’s Day

Thanks for Reading the article regarding Important Dates in August.

Featured Photo by Boris Pavlikovsky from Pexels

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