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Hire Pro Passage Reconstruction List 1

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Hello everyone, and welcome to Twinkle Talks. In this article, we have a list of Hire pro passage reconstructions regularly asked in the Versant exam.

1. James and Ann were driving to the airport. Ann asked James if he had remembered to take his passport. He realized if he had forgotten it. He had left it in his jacket pocket at home. They turned around to pick it up. They arrived at the airport just in time to catch their flight.

2. I was at the international Trade Fair in Rome last week, and it was very exciting. Rome is a beautiful city. There were people from all over the world at the fair. I met a sale manager whose company sells software and it sounded like there might be a business opportunity. I’ll definitely stay in touch with him as a business contact. I’m writing a report of the trip right now and I should be able to send it out by noon today.

3. I received a couple of good articles about how to be productive every day at work. I think you will find them useful. These were forwarded by our New York branch. Click on the link below to view the articles. You might learn something new.

4. Our gym is located across from your office and is currently offering a special discount to all employees working in your office. According to researchers, getting exercise regularly is a great way to stay positive and healthy. If you sign up for a membership this week, you can get a personal trainer to help you on your first five visits.

5. This is our annual reminder to all employees. Our hospital is know in our community for excellent customer care. We have been providing friendly and quality service to all our patients and are committed to doing the same again this year. Greet your patients with a smile and hospitality. 

Hire pro passage reconstructions

6. Robert went to a nice restaurant for dinner. When the waiter brought the bill, Robert reached for his wallet, but it was not in his pocket. He remembered having his wallet when he came into the restaurant. The waiter looked around the floor near his table. He found the wallet under the table.

7. Employees who wish to take time off during the summer should check with their managers in advance. Many people plan to be away from the office during the summer. As a company, we would like to make sure all projects have enough people working on them before we approve requests for time off.

8. Mary won this year’s best teacher award at her university. She has been known for her creative and unique teaching style for many years. Her award included a trip to Paris for one week. Mary and her husband have never been to Paris and they are very excited about it. 

9. Sam was on a busy flight that had been delayed. The plane finally landed and arrived at the gate. Then all the passengers got up to get their luggage. The woman in front of Sam accidentally bumped him in the arm. Just as she was apologizing, her bag fell from the overhead compartment and hit him on the head. The woman felt awful. Sam decided he didn’t want to fly again anytime soon.

10. John is the sales manager of a small store. An angry customer called him to complain about a home security system that she had recently bought from his store. She told him that it did not work properly because the alarm went off when she was in the house. Initially she demanded a refund, but when John apologized, and offered to replace her system with a new one, she agreed. 

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