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new vocabulary words
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New Vocabulary Words | The Pioneer News Paper | 15-12-2023

Image: The Pioneer
News paper NameThe Pioneer
Published Date15-12-2023
EditionNew Delhi
New vocabulary words
new vocabulary words
New vocabulary words
2Swings into action
6Rolled out
new vocabulary words

Meaning: reckless or daring behaviour, often involving risk.


  • My friend’s adventurism led him to explore remote and dangerous locations.
  • The XYZ company’s financial adventurism eventually led to bankruptcy.
  • Mr. Satish’s adventurism in the stock market led to significant financial profits.
  • The reckless adventurism of the stuntman amazed the audience in the show.

Parts of speech: Noun

Synonyms: Daring, boldness, recklessness

Antonyms: caution, carefulness, prudence.

Meaning: Begins to take active measures or starts working energetically.


  • The Indian team captain motivated the players, and they swung into action immediately.
  • When the fire alarm sounded, the firefighters swung into action immediately.
  • The new project was announced by the manager, and my team swung into action to meet the tight deadline.

Parts of Speech: Phrase

Synonyms: Gets to work, mobilises

Antonyms: delays, hesitates

Meaning: Disturbance or a noisy commotion


  • The classroom was in a ruckus after the surprise announcement.
  • The party next door in my apartment created such a ruckus that it disturbed the entire neighbourhood.

Synonyms: disturbance, noisy

Antonyms: silence, calm, tranquilly

Meaning: a gap, break, or violation of a law, agreement, or standard.


  • The security breach allowed unauthorised access to sensitive information.
  • A breach of trust between friends can be difficult to mend.
  • The XYZ company faced legal consequences for the breach of environmental regulations.

Synonyms: violation, break, infringement

Antonyms: compliance, agreement, adherence

Meaning: unauthorised access or penetration of a secure area.


  • The IT department worked tirelessly to address the recent security breach.
  • The company suffered a significant financial loss due to a security breach.
  • Implementing stronger passwords helps prevent security breaches.

Synonym: security violation

Antonyms: safety, protection

Meaning: the state of being weakened, damaged, or diminished


  • A lack of sleep can cause temporary cognitive impairment.
  • The accident that happened in the previous month resulted in a permanent impairment of his motor skills.
  • Alcohol consumption can lead to cognitive impairment.

Synonyms: Damage, disability

Antonyms: strength, improvement, enhancement

Meaning: Introduced or launched on a large scale.


  • The XYZ company rolled out its new product with a grand advertising campaign.
  • The new government rolled out a new policy to address environmental concerns.
  • The software company in Bangalore successfully rolled out the latest version of its application.
  • The school in my area rolled out a new curriculum to enhance student learning.

Synonyms: Launched, introduced, implemented

Antonyms: discontinued, withdrawn, recalled

Meaning: capable of relying on oneself, being independent, and being self-sufficient.


  • After losing his job, Rahul became more self-reliant and started his own business.
  • Teaching children to be self-reliant is an important aspect of their development.
  • The wilderness survival expert was completely self-reliant during his solo expedition.

Synonyms: self-supporting, self-sufficient, Independent

Antonyms: dependent, needy, reliant

Meaning: a substance or person that accelerates or initiates change or action.


  • A mentor can be a catalyst for personal and professional growth.
  • The new technology acted as a catalyst for significant improvements in the textile industry.
  • Economic downturns often serve as a catalyst for innovation.

Synonyms: spark, stimulus, instigator

Antonyms: inhibitor, impediment, obstacle

Meaning: secures or settles decisively


  • Prakash’s outstanding performance clinched him the title of Employee of the Year.
  • A well-prepared presentation often clinches a successful business deal.
  • The team’s victory was clinched in the final moments of the game.

Synonyms: secures, seals, finalises

Antonyms: Loses, releases

Meaning: Investigate or examine thoroughly.


  • The medical team used various tests to probe the cause of the patient’s symptoms.
  • Our country’s scientists have been using advanced technology to probe the depth of the ocean.

Synonyms: Investigate, examine, explore

Antonyms: ignore, neglect, avoid

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